Dawn Crystal Founder of Sound Energy Pain-Free Living Forever, has worked with clients in over 150 countries and have reported complete healing from Chronic pain, Chronic fatigue, Depression, Anxiety, Binge eating, Burnout, Trauma and more, even when nothing else worked!
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Get Rid of:
  • All Body Pain
  • Insomnia
  • Headaches
  • Trauma
  • Teeth, Gum & Jaw pain
  • Rebalance your Whole Body
  • Restore Peace on all levels
  • Get rid of Negative Energy
  • Full Energy Clearing
  • Clear Past Lives 
  • Clear the Pain Body
  • Clear Emotional Pain
  • Feel a Complete Renewal
  • Get rid of Stress
  • Get rid of Energy Blocks
  • Get rid of Anxiety
  • Clear blockages to Perfect Weight.
  • Ground in your Life Force Energy for perfect Health.
  • Deep transformation activation's to get you aligned to your True Soul's Mission.
And more Benefits!!!

This is an individual session.

(60) minute Life Changing Power Session:  Before$1,500 / Now $997
(Sessions are 60 minutes Each.)
$997 for (60 minute session)

By: Phone or Skype