Upgrade Your Energy Body-Biofield
Eliminate all Physical & Emotional Imbalances Fast!!!
Receive Whole-body "tunings" - from feet to Crown - to slow down your brain waves and shift every cell in your body from dis-ease to ease. 

Learn practices you can use daily to shift the electromagnetic energy in your biofield to address pain, anxiety, sleep and digestive issues, and much more...

Amplify your resonance for self-love, more energy, a greater sense of freedom and more playfulness, lightness, and vitality.

If you've ever experienced a sound healing, you know that it feels really good...
Your entire body relaxes - almost instantaneous as you sink into a delicious state of calm.
Stress, even pain, dissipates, and feelings of joy filter in, as your brain waves slow down and every cell in your body shifts from "Dis-ease to Ease"!

Sound healing provides this overall feel-good sensation, while also helping to clear stuck energies throughout your body and biofield, the energy field that surrounds and permeates your body.

Harmonizing or balancing your "CHi" or Life Force energy - noted for its electromagnetic qualities when working with "voice" sound healing - allows your system to reach an optimal state of wellness and vitality.

Sound Healing has been proven to alleviate all manner of physical and emotional imbalances.
Including fibromyalgia, digestive issues, autoimmune disorders, PTSD, and its symptoms of grief, anger, depression, anxiety, panic attacks, and insomnia, as well as Parkinson's disease, autism, and more. It also provides a noticeable boost to the immune system.

Get "unstuck" around life issues. Jump Start creativity, and bring more pleasure and joy into your life.

In this program, you'll focus on a different area of your body 
- from your feet and knees to your brow and crown - to explore the imbalances that typically occur there.
You'll experience bringing these areas into balance, and you'll experience Sound Healing to aid in this "harmonizing".
You'll delve far beneath the surface of emotional and physical issues, which can include everything from feelings of low self-worth to unconscious addictions (including addiction to drama or a particular self-sabotaging "story" you tell yourself). Clearing the energetic "static" passed down to you through generations and permeating your DNA.
In this program, you can expect to touch into these powerful transformations:
An empowering new understanding of the nature of your body and the world around you.
Greater love and appreciation for your body and your life.
  • Improved energy levels and overall health
  • A quieter mind and more comfort with your emotions 
  • Increased creativity and more effective problem solving 
  • Clearer thinking and better Sleep. 
  • Improved Stress management 
  • Improved breathing and a deep sense of being grounded
  • Clear persistent Body Pain
  • Attract More Wealth Easily
  • Feel More Happy & Alive
  • Better Circulation
  • Clear blocked Systems
  • Improve Health in Vital Organs
  • Lose Weight easier
  • Attract More Love in your Life

How Sound Healing Works…
Dawn uses her “voice” sound healing to optimize the flow of your electromagnetic energy by sending out frequency and vibration to clear physical or emotional imbalances, which show up as resistance and turbulence in your biofield.
In essence, She’s sending out sound to clear all imbalances. Ultimately, the use of sound tones in and around the body reduces dissonance and resistance in the body’s electrical system, allowing for optimal flow of your electromagnetic energy and on overall state of wellbeing…

What People Say:
Thank you Dawn,
I've been taking your Vitality silent healing program and using the MP3's. I didn't plan on it, but a mole removed itself from my cheek and scaring on my face from a motorcycle accident is starting to smooth away. I also feel like I have a shield protecting me. It hasn't been easy, but I was able to see how my actions attract certain people and I've been able to stick to my values and boundaries and not look outside of myself for validation. Very profound shifts happening, subtle but feels like I can't go back again to the way I was. I'm very grateful Dawn for your presence on this Earth. Mahalo, FD

Dawn is a pioneer in Sound healing therapy and has spent more than 20 Years Sharing her gifts in over 150 Countries World-Wide.
Package A
Module (1) Your Foundational zone Clearing -the (Feet & Knees)
Experience Energy "tuning" and balancing and grounding your field from the feet up. Our Feet and Knees guide us toward or away from life experiences. If you're "frozen" in some way, the stuckness shows up strongly in these Zones. Imbalances can appear as pain or discomfort in feet, knees, or shins, in a sense of not being able to move forward, and as indecision, anxiety, or addictions.
  • You will Feel more Grounded to Planet Earth Clearing the blocks.
  • You will Receive an energy adjustment to release resistance and create alignment.
  • You will Receive an upgrade to the Soles of your Feet to gain a greater sense of your life’s mission and calling aligned to your soul.
  • Helps with circulation in your feet
Module (2) Clearing Imbalances - Finding a comforting Groundedness Clearing- the (Tailbone & Root Center)
The "root center" of the body reveals electrical energies around doing versus non-doing on your right side, you experience the imbalance of over doing and over thinking; on your left side, you experience the imbalance of frustration or non-doing.

Emotional issues pertaining to your home, early family life, and the tendency to self-sabotage show up here. Related physical symptoms include Sciatica, hip pain, low back pain, sluggish digestion, overall low energy, and more.
A balanced root center reveals a conversation of thinking and doing energy. It also relates to being well-grounded, receiving energy from the earth, and having a well charged battery.

A clean and ordered home is a reflection of an integrated and healthy root energy.

You will receive:
  • A charge of the “body’s battery”
  • Experience grounding your “Life Force” energy to planet Earth. 
  • Experience an activation of smoothing out your energy so it sustained equally through-out your day. (without mid-day burn-out) 
  • Start to heal old wounds related to family history.
Module (3) Happily Receiving Resources for Boosting Creative Expression, Pleasure & Inspiration Clearing- the (Sacral Center)
The Sacral zone governs creativity, intimate relationships, sexuality, pleasure, flow of resources, and embodiment. It also holds the energy of guilt, shame, frustration, and disappointment.
Physical issues that arise when this area is “derailed” include poor digestion and elimination. Chronic frustration and sense of victimhood, low libido, low overall energy. Yeast infections and Candida and other reproductive issues, lower back pain, and more. The balanced expression of this center allows for happily receiving resources, intimacy, pleasure, creative inspiration, and embodiment.
  • Clear out old traumas, stories and feel more embodied and present.
  • Clear patterns of guilt, shame, frustration and disappointment that keep you from receiving pleasure, intimacy, creativity, and Abundance. 
  • Clear “victimhood” and shift into a creative neutral center. 
  • Improve your relationships with money, partners, and your own body. 
  • Reprogram the inner critic to be Aligned with your higher-self.
Module (4) Establishing a Healthy Balance of Positive & Negative "Electric Charge" Clearing- the (Naval/Solar Plexus)
This Complex Center holds the energy of your mother and father, and your will, drive, gumption, ability to say yes and to finish things. It’s also where you store anger and feelings of powerlessness, and it governs the expression of your inner power, digestive fire, and fighter-flight.
Physical issues arising from an imbalance in this area can manifest as digestive distress adrenal fatigue and burnout, allergies, autoimmune disorders (including Lyme, Lupus, Hashimotos, Chronic fatigue, and fibromyalgia) Skin conditions, imbalance, this zone enables strong digestion, the energy to tackle clutter and finish projects. A healthy balance of ying and yang (positive and negative electric charge). Cultivating a flow state, personal empowerment and compassion.
  •  Experience more overall Energy & Drive!
  • Clear Upgrade THE “DNA” where we inherit from your ancestors. 
  • Experience your digestive tract as a incinerator that combusts food as fuel and increases your metabolism & Electrical System. 
  • Become more centered and more compassionate and less judgment towards yourself & others. 
  • Discover and Experience your own inner radiance.
  • Money blockage Clearing
Module (5) Being in Balance with your Heart's Desires for more Joy & Gratitude Clearing- the (Heart)
Your Heart Center governs your lungs, hands and arms, and physical heart. It holds the expression of giving and receiving love, but can also harbor hate, grief, depression, and despair.

Physical symptoms of imbalance can express as shallow breathing, asthma, shoulder, arm, or hand pain, upper back pain, poor posture, and a sense of overwhelm.

In-balance, this center allows you to express joy, freely give of your gifts, graciously receive from others, be in balance and accord with your hearts desires, and easily feel spontaneous gratitude. 
  • Release hidden patterns of hate, world pain and despair. 
  • Strengthen the function of your heart, lungs, and diaphragm. 
  • Open your “Heart” to receive more!  (Love, money, happiness, joy, personal Power).
  • Remove Heart-Walls including (Ancestral & Inherited)
Module (6) The Throat Chakra as the Root of your Divine Expression Clearing -the (Throat)
The throat chakra is one of our important energy centers, it is by our word that we create our Life. Examining what comes out of your mouth-rather than what goes into it – is one of the main focuses of Biofield Tuning.
This center holds the energy of our voice, creative expression, and ability to speak our Truth. Imbalances present as speaking and not being heard, not listening to and following your own inner direction, and repressing self-expression. It also holds your thyroid, which plays a large role in our overall energy level. Physical issues from imbalances include neck-pain, hyper or suppressed thyroid function, vertigo, dental disease, and teeth clenching and grinding.
In balance this center holds your ability for divine expression, speaking your truth, and expressing creativity. It’s also your center of pleasure and passion.
  • Release blocks preventing you from expressing your feelings, speaking your truth.
  • Strengthen your thyroid through Divine Sound Healing 
  • Open to New Inspiration 
  • Clear Your Voice to speak clearly so you can create in the world more powerfully! 
  • Experience eating as all pleasure and NO guilt.
  • Heal teeth problems
Module (7) Relaxing into True Healing through your Crown Chakra Clearing - the (Brow & Crown) Chakra
Your brow and Crown centers hold your tendency to go out of the now and grasp thoughts of the past or future. A busy mind likes fuss and create drama and stress, which can often be rooted in either regret about past actions or fear around future circumstances. True healing is about being able to be fully present, relaxed, and resting in the moment. Your crown center holds your power to achieve this. It holds your relationship with the Divine, the cycles of time, and the Universe in general. Both the brow and the crown centers can also hold imbalances caused by head injuries, headaches and migraines, PTSD, lack of time or money pressures, and stress in general.

When these centers are in balance your feel a release of pressure, an ability to be present in the moment to respond to stressors appropriately-instead of reacting to them. You sleep more peacefully, wake up rested, and experience a sense of ease as you go through your day.
  • Bring Yourself into the present moment easily with Brain Balancing with sound in the Alpha brain wave State.
  • Release patterns of tension worry giving rise to headaches, migraines or Neck Pain. 
  • Experience a greater sense of presence, stillness, and equanimity. 
  • Sleep more peaceful and wake up more rested.
  • Connect Stronger your Crown Chakra to more intuition, Guidance and infinite possibilities from the Universe on a daily basis.
  • Create a direct Connection to God Consciousness the (Creator of All Life)!
  • Clear Mind Chatter or lack of focus
(A $200 value)
Due to the high integrity of Dawn's work, No refunds or exchanges on all Mp3's & Programs.
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