Total Body TUNE-UP!
Do you feel at times???
  • Energy drain from others?
  • Not grounded?
  • Sad?
  • Anger?
  • Off-Balanced?
  • Hopeless?
  • Crazy?
  • Feeling everyone's Energy around you?
  • Lack of Energy?
  • Your clothing doesn't fit right?
  • You feel like you cant get passed your weight plateau?
  • Your System feels Sluggish?

Too name a few...
If you Answered "Yes" to any of these questions...This Program is for You!!!
Experience "Source" Healing Frequencies channeled through Dawn Crystal's "voice" in every module.

Discover Angelic "Sound" Energy Healing for FAST RESULTS !!!

This Program will bring your Physical & Energetic Body into complete Balance, Harmony, Health and perfect Alignment in only "Minutes" Per Day!!!
Its as simple as putting on your Headphones & feeling the "Positive" changes start happening Right Away!!!

Glide through these "Challenging times" daily...

With More:
  • Grace!
  • Happiness!
  • Peace!
  • Joy!
  • Love!
  • Laughter!
  • Light-Hearted!
  • Ease of losing the extra pounds effortlessly!
  • Feeling better in your body & your skin!
  • Balance!
  • Creative!
  • Gratefulness!
  • Presence!
  • Full filled from the Inside-Out!
  • Abundant!
  • Unlimited Energy!
Read what some of the purchasers of this program had to say​:
I love the sleep deeper into peace!! It has saved me so many worked most every time! During a very stressful time going through the breakdown of a marriage that wasnt working.

Hailey Cohen
Here's what you Get in this Program:
Package A
Session 1:  Balance & Clear Your Energy Centers
  • Root Chakra-Located at the perineum-Red color
  • Sacral Chakra- Lower Abdomen- Orange color
  • Solar Chakra- Few inches above the Navel- Yellow color
  • Heart Chakra- Center of Chest- Emerald Green color
  • Throat Chakra- Middle of Throat- Blue color
  • Third Eye Chakra- Middle of forehead- Magenta color
  • Crown Chakra- Top of Head- Violet color
  • Feel More Vibrant!!!
Session 2: Clear your Energy Body
  • Replenish your Energy, while balancing, centering and aligning yourself.
  • Acheive greater Clarity and Focus
  • Flush your emotional, mental and spiritual bodies to leave you feeling Light, Free & Energized!
  • Restore 100% Life Force Energy!
Session 3: Metabolism Boost
  • Regulate your Metabolism to your Perfect Body Weight!
  • Regulate your Metabolism for Optimal Nutrient absorption from your food intake .
  • Boost your Metabolism if "Sluggish".
  • End Negative Food Addictions!!!
Session 4: Evening Renewal
  • Gather your energies from the day back to you.
  • Clear your Physical body
  • Clear your Aura & Energy field
  • Center, Re-Balance & Ground your energy.
  • Renew your Body, Mind & Spirit!
Session 5: Morning Energy Boost
  • Get your Life Force Energy Moving.
  • Clear your Sleepy Mind.
  • Connect the Brain to your Heart Center.
  • Re-Energize your Complete body for the day!
Session 6: Super foods/Beauty Blast
  • Energetics of over 90 Super foods to nourish the Body & Skin.
  • All Nutritional Frequencies needed for Optimal Health on all levels.
  • An Extra Nutrional frequency "Blast" if you need extra support.
  • Extra Youth Frequencies for complete Body & Skin Renewal.
  • All Frequencies are "Intuitive" for what you need on a daily basis!
Session 7: Energized Water
  • Jam Packed with all the Essential Frequencies to "Kick-Start" your Day or Work-Out!
  • Bring "SOURCE" Healing Frequencies to your water or beverage Anytime!
Session 8: Daily Antioxidants
  • Help Cells in the body ward off Damage of Free-Radicals.
  • Eliminate harmful Toxins
  • Lessen Oxidation
  • Re-New Cells, DNA,Tissues
  • Bring in High Frequencies of Essential Fruits & Vegetables for Easy absorption of your daily intake of food.

Free Bonus: A $20 Value!!!
Sleep Deeper In Peace MP3
No Refunds are given on any Mp3 programs or single Recordings.
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