With the "New Surge" of High Vibrations coming to our planet Earth! These frequencies can be challenging at times to our Energetic and Physical bodies...

These energies can cause people especially empaths (sensitives) to feel off balanced, moody, extreme anxiety, not grounded, hopeless, sad, anger, crazy Etc:

Combat yourself with the Nourishment and Essential Frequencies to help your Physical & Energetic bodies glide through these challenging times and our future years to come with more Ease,Grace & Joy!

Experience the "Raw" Sounds of Source Channeled through Dawn Crystal 's voice. Discover "Voice" Sound Healing in all the Modules in this program.

This Program can help you feel More:
  • Relaxed.
  • Grounded
  • Peaceful
  • Nourished
  • Love
  • knowing everything is O.K in your life
  • Deeper trust of the Unfolding process happening in your life.
  • Centered
  • Happy
  • Balanced.
  • Alive
  • Free
  • Joyful
  • Healthier,
  • Light
Each healing Module is downloaded with "Pure" Source Frequencies & Light...
  • As we Heal ourselves, we Heal the Planet!
  • As we Heal the planet, we Heal ourselves! 
  • As simple as putting on your Head-phones and listening and relaxing! 
  • Set a positive intention before listening to each Healing module! 
  • Start to Experience your Life change Positively daily in a Effortless & Easy Way!

See what Everyone is Raving About!
Hello Dawn Crystal,
I have very hard water at the place where i live not so nice to drink.
when i use you energizing water mp3 on it, it becomes much softer and more alive.
- Josef 


Here’s what’s included in the package
Package A
  • Balance the Chakras
  • Spin the Chakras in the right direction.
  • Clear the Chakras
  • Bring in the Chakra "colors" to heal the body.
  • Re-Energize the Chakras
  • Get your Life Force Energy moving
  • Clear the Energy Channels
  • Clear the Sleepy mind
  • Connect the Heart to the Brain
  • Re-Energize the complete body for the day!
  • Gather your energies from the day back to you.
  • Clear your Physical Body.
  • Clear your Aura & Energy field.
  • Center, Rebalance, Ground.
  • Renew yourself Body, Mind & Spirit.
  • Let go of your stress of your day!
  • Let go & give back everyone else's energies.
  • Ground yourself to Planet Earth.
  • Bring yourself back to neutrality Mental, Energetic, Physical bodies.
  • Re-Balance, Re-Align, Ground to Earth
Play the Mp3 next to your water and Re-Energize your Day!!!!
Jam Packed with all the Essential Frequencies to Kick-start Start your Day or Work-Out !!! Use it Anytime..
  • Bring "Source" healing frequencies to your water & beverages anytime.
  • Help cells in the body ward off damage of free-radicals.
  • Elimate harmful toxins
  • Lessen oxidation
  • Renew Cells, DNA, Tissues
  • Bring in High Frequencies of essential fruits and vegetables.
  • Clear the Meridians pathways
  • Clear blockage in the way of the Meridians flow.
  • Bring in Source light to accelerate healing.
  • Connect all the channels in the energetic body for more flow.
  • Energetics of over 90 super foods to nourish the body & skin.
  • All nutritional frequencies needed for optimal health on all levels
  • An extra nutritional frequency "Blast" if your on-the-go & need a little extra support.
  • Extra Youth frequencies for complete Body & Skin renewal.
  • All Frequencies are intuitive to what you need on a daily basis.
(A value of $500
Free Bonus: A $20 Value!!!
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