Are you ready for Massive and Instantaneous 
Dawn Crystal the Founder of the Crystal Method, has the ability to Access and Transmit powerful "Source" frequencies that create permanent shifts at the level of the DNA.

There's lots of beautiful high frequency divine energy coming to our planet. These frequencies are here to help humanity on all levels of our lives. Learn how to connect-in with this Beautiful healing Energy! Here-Now!!! And once you do...You will start to feel:
  • More Grounded & Centered
  • More at peace in your body even though the world around you is not peaceful.
  • More connected to the Creater or Source energy.
  • A deep knowing that everything is "ok" and start relaxing deeper.
  • A deeper intuition unfold inside you.
  • More Creative and feel a more sustained Happiness inside you.
  • More Love & Compassion for all living things.
  • More Contentment with the Divine unfolding process in your life.
  • And see the "Magic" all around you!
  • More Patience in your life.
  • More "Inspired" and the next steps to take in your life.
  • Connect to your Authentic Happiness.
  • Start getting things done Faster & In less time.
  • Each module in this Program is downloaded with the highest and purest vibration of Source Energy.
  • Clear away your Blocks that are in the way of you living your Authentic True-Self!
  • As simple as putting on your headphones and feeling positive Shifts start happening in your Life Immediately!
  • Experience a "Complete System Upgrade!!! For "2019" and Beyond...

Here’s what’s included in the package
Package A
Module: (1) 
Upgrade the whole Brain
  • Frontal Lobe
  • Right and Left hemispheres
  • Cerebellum
  • Parietal Lobe
  • Temporal Lobe
Module (2) 
Upgrade the DNA of the Body
  • Adenine
  • Thymine
  • Guanine
  • Cytosine
  • Complete System Upgrade
Module (3) 
Upgrade Akashic Records
  • Thoughts
  • Events
  • Emotions
  • Etheric plane
  • Past lives up to the present
Module (4) 
Upgrade all Belief systems
  • Past time lines
  • Present time lines
  • Future time lines
Module (5) 
Upgrade all Body Systems
  • Organs
  • Circulatory
  • Nervous
  • Immune
  • Skeletal
Module (6) 
Past Experiences still 
holding Present day
  • Traumas past & present lives
  • Emotions & Energy stuck in the physical Body
  • Beliefs holding form in the Mental body.
Module (7) 
Getting Clear with your 
Intuition & Guidance
  • Clearing all Distraction & Clutter
  • Calming your Physical Body & Mind to listen & feel guidance daily.
  • Upgrading your Internal guidance System.
Module (8) 
Clear Fear of moving forward
  • Fear & Traumas from past lives
  • Fear & Traumas from present time line
  • Clear limiting beliefs systems
  • Upgrade physical time line to awaken and remember who you truly are.

Package A & B get the 1 free Bonus of:
Quantum Accelerator mp3
The Quantum Accelerator can be used anytime you feel that your energy needs a pick me up in-between listening to any modules. It will move stuck energy out of your body easily and effortless. Keeps your energy following and clearing freely.
No Refunds are given on any Mp3 programs or single Recordings.
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