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Dawn Rahdianze Shantal Krystal the Founder of the Crystal Method, has the ability to Access and Transmit powerful "God" frequencies that create permanent shifts at the level of the DNA.

  • Unable to get past the Healing Crisis phase along your Spiritual Awakening or Ascension journey?
  • Doing daily processes to keep your vibrations high but you still find yourself being triggered into a lower denser frequency?
  • Being fearful of certain people and situations (especially those who hold the power) a feeling that it is safer to live “invisible” and not draw too much attention to yourself.
  • A feeling that it is better to be agreeable and just go along with things
  • Get triggered more often than not – by each and every partner you are in a relationship with
  • Experiencing the same patterns in your life over and over, with money, relationships, career and so on even though you have done so much healing on yourself?
  • Attracting negative situations that Is not in alignment with what you truly want for yourself
  • The feeling of not being good enough or worthy, shows up in different ways: relationships making you feel that you are not important or feeling not appreciated. Or attracting little or no clients, jobs, lack of abundance and success.
  • Know you are here to do more, perhaps a healer or spiritual teacher but you are stuck and do not know how to start or put yourself out there in a bigger way?
  • Have been on the Ascension Awakening journey for a while but you are always still triggered and find yourself going 10 steps back instead of forward?
  • Feeling like no matter what you do you just cannot get ahead – nothing seems to work
  • Cannot sustain your embodiment with your Higher Self and Source
  • Cannot move completely out of victim mentality feeling like everything is happening TO you
Who and How would you be, and how much more of your TRUE essence would you be embodying – if you didn’t have any of that Conditioned Baggage of Limiting Beliefs, Energetic Blockages, Fears, and Years, Lives and Millenia of Emotional Wounds and Trauma holding you back from embodying your truth and embodying your God self??
These are all symptomatic of your specific and multidimensional PAIN BODY, which consists of mis-configured and misconstrued DNA patterning, as well as Active Trauma Programs, limiting subconscious beliefs and energetic agreements. Because Trauma can trigger physical and emotional symptoms, this must be released on all levels, physical, emotional and ancestral.
I created ‘Healing the Emotional Pain Body Program’ after many years of spiritual work and Healing on myself. 
The Emotional Pain Body is the main cause of pain, drama, toxicity and suffering within humanity and within one’s life.
It is an accumulation of painful life experiences that was not fully faced and accepted in the moment it arose. It leaves behind an energy form of emotional pain. It comes together with other energy forms from other instances, and so after some years you have a “pain body,” an Energy Entity consisting of old emotion.
Some people live almost entirely through their pain body, while others may experience it only in certain situations, such as intimate relationships, or situations linked with past loss or abandonment, physical or emotional hurt, and so on. Anything can trigger it, particularly if it resonates with a pain pattern from your past. When it is ready to awaken from its dormant stage, even a thought or an innocent remark made by someone close to you can activate it.
To begin the journey of healing the Pain Body we must recognize that we all have the same problem and the same solution. Our problem is that we separated from the Divine, from our True Inner Essence and the solution is to return to that.
  • Our separation from LOVE
    So why and how did we separate from love? From a spiritual perspective, our life’s hang-ups stem from this moment of separation, when our internal voice of fear (our ego) led us astray from love, compassion and oneness. Our separation from love can be the result of a traumatic experience or a seemingly insignificant event, conditioned beliefs instilled within us by society, family and just about anyone since growing up.
  • We will not be able to sustain our embodiment with Source
    Another important reason why it is important at this time for us to heal our emotional pain body’s is to fully ascend and embody our true essence. For most of us on the spiritual path, healers, teachers, light workers and warriors, we find that alignment with Source but then before you know it, we are triggered, we are still living within old energies of the past, from past/parallel lives, some passed down to us through our lineage. If we do not heal our pain body we will not be able to sustain the embodiment with our Higher Selves with Source as Source. Period.
  • Most of us on the spiritual path believe that raising your vibration is enough to move you into alignment with whatever you desire. However this is not complete truth. Raising your vibration takes practice and mastery to sustain. But what happens when we are triggered from that state or the mirror of our subconscious beliefs or traumas begin to stare us in the face? We fall back into a denser state of living in order to face that trauma and release it. It will continue to do so until the PAIN BODY is healed. Your Pain Body keeps you in a state of victimhood or victim mentality, and releasing this will allow you to claim yourself as the Creator and allow you to embody your true power as Source.
  • Making a commitment to heal our inner reality will certainly shift our external reality. And when we begin to heal the PAIN BODY, a higher state of consciousness/vibration will naturally be embodied. When our subconscious programming and beliefs are shifting, we will automatically moving into a higher octave of truth – thus living with more ease and grace.

The fact that you are reading this, and were drawn to this, signals that you’re willing to and wanting to heal. You’re already on your way.
With this program you will completely transform your beliefs in your subconscious mind INSTANTLY and start living in abundance.

You will release all your biggest holds In this lifetime and multidimensionally THAT HAVE BEEN STUCK IN YOUR ENERGETIC FIELD, whether you’re aware of them or not.
This series is uniquely tailored to uncover both personal AND inherited energy patterns in all multidimensional lives. Including Source Code Attunements, Light Code Activations and Integrating your future self. So that you can go from feeling powerless and truly step into your BEING and Mission. Uncover and remember your gifts and abilities and being more abundant and joyous within your life.
People have reported unbelievable & exciting breakthroughs in their career, money and relationships with Dawn’s work.
With This Program you can instantly transform all your life to march toward your Mission with freedom & joy along with innumerable other benefits! However, you must heal your relationship with the Divine, yourself and with others. Limiting beliefs must be changed and any old traumas, wounds, contracts, vows on all dimensions must be released.
Once your energy is free from the clutter of unhealed relationships it’s time to soar toward your mission. When your mind space is free & clear you start attracting people, situations & opportunities aligned with your mission!
With this program you can CHOOSE to be done with the lesson learning, receive the lesson and then move on with enjoying your relationships, living an abundant life and stepping into your Purpose with ease!
However, the secret that no one is talking about is that your relationships are your biggest tools for your Acceleration, Growth & Transformation and are directly linked to your MISSION and PURPOSE on EARTH!
Your Relationships are actually, a feedback mechanism… they are tying back to your mission, this is where you’re holding yourself back or someone else is holding you back. Your most intimate relationships, with your parents, children and partner, are the biggest mirrors that reveal what is still out of alignment within you.
See your Emotional Pain Body in the Mirror of your Relationships, Heal the Pain Body with the Angels and Step into your Power! Ascend into Infinite Consciousness! And Move from PAIN to PERSPECTIVE!
  • You will no longer be triggered by people, situations or events that you have previously triggered you
  • You will sustain a more consistent alignment with your Higher Self – with Source
  • Your intuitive gifts and talents will open up even further and others will be activated
  • Cellular Memory of ancestral imprints will be cleared
  • Vows, beliefs and traumas released from your family line
  • Feelings of anxiety or fear will dissipate
  • You will remember more and more of who you truly are
  • Allow physical healing to occur where it could have been blocked before past life clearing
  • Experience More clarity and understanding
  • Feeling more peaceful, balanced and together
  • Feeling lighter and experience a new level of freedom
  • Reprogram old thought patterns
  • Rewire unconscious behaviours
  • Free trapped energy
  • You will enter the temple receive your Golden Light Body which is an ancient technology that consists of all your lifetimes of mastery downloaded into your being now.
  • Relationships with self and others will dramatically improve
  • Abundance and Prosperity are now even more so aligned to your new frequency
  • Begin to live your purpose in a bigger and greater way
  • Attaining Higher Levels of Awakening, Mastery and Authenticity through embodying more of your unique soul’s blueprint

Read what some of the purchasers of this 
program had to say​:

Thank you so much for the session today.

One of the parts I loved most was the confirmation from my soul that all the things I have been feeling so strongly you confirmed each one. In some ways the things you were telling me that my soul was communicating - it all felt familiar, but I had felt like I was struggling to help my body to flow with all that I knew to be true. And the clearing you did - really did lighten the load in significant ways. I can tell too - that this is just the beginning.

I actually am leaving for a silent retreat tomorrow morning. I have never done this before - left my family, certainly not for myself, and never during a busy time with school and work.

But, I have been saying all during covid that I just want to go off by myself for a few days - to get away from all the energies of everyone around me so I could find and get to know myself. I was last week gifted with retreat. Someone had to cancel at the last minute and wanted to gift their spot to someone else. My mom decided to go as well - so we will be riding there and back together, but I am very thankful for it being a silent treat - so she can have her space and I can have mine.

I'm extra thankful for understanding how to set up the boundaries. I have been practicing, but wasn't quite grasping how to do it effectively. And I'm growing in this understanding that it's vital for others to do their own work and that honestly eases the permission for me to let go of the guilt I felt any time I tried and could feel their needs and pull. So, now I can feel good and excited about them learning and practicing shining and engaging with their own light and energy.

I just feel so light and free. I knew this was in me. I knew it! I could feel it! I just hadn't been able to sustain it or contain it perhaps.
Thank you! I know I have so much to share - not giving away, but in containing my own light and letting it shine brightly. I'm so delighted to live into all my rainbowness and brightness and to deeply love and appreciate and enjoy my quirkiness and laugh and laugh.

Thank you! I'm so grateful that you have loved and enjoyed your light and energy and that you have accepted your brightness and discovered how to use your uniqueness to invite others to shine in their brightness. That is what I want to do and know for sure I'm called to it.

I know I will grow to understand what my gifts are and how best to shine and illuminate for others to see themselves and their own light and energy.

This was everything I hoped for during this session.

Thank you with overflowing rainbows,
Sherene Melton

Here’s what’s included in the package
Package A
Module: (1) 
Upgrade the whole Brain
  • Frontal Lobe
  • Right and Left hemispheres
  • Cerebellum
  • Parietal Lobe
  • Temporal Lobe
  • Clear Pain body Experiences Past, Present, Future.
Module (2) 
Upgrade the DNA of the Body
  • Adenine
  • Thymine
  • Guanine
  • Cytosine
  • Complete System Upgrade
  • Clear Ancestral Imprints
Module (3) 
Upgrade Akashic Records
  • Thoughts
  • Events
  • Emotions
  • Etheric plane
  • Past lives up to the present
  • Update, Clear & heal Yourself and Your Ancestral Linage in this life-time.
Module (4) 
Upgrade all Belief systems
  • Past time lines
  • Present time lines
  • Future time lines
  • Reprogram old thought patterns
  • Clear Negativity Imprints in the way of you being your Ultimate True Best Version of Yourself! 
  • Open yourself to the Unlimited Abundance of the Universe!
Module (5) 
Upgrade all Body Systems
  • Organs
  • Circulatory
  • Nervous
  • Immune
  • Skeletal
  • Prepare your body to hold your Highest Vibration of your Light and your Personal Power grounded to your feet.
Module (6) 
Past Experiences still 
holding Present day
  • Traumas past & present lives
  • Emotions & Energy stuck in the physical Body.
  • Beliefs holding form in the mental body and Pain-body.
Module (7) 
Getting Clear with your 
Intuition & Guidance
  • Clearing all Distraction & Clutter
  • Calming your Physical Body & Mind to listen & feel guidance daily.
  • Upgrading your Internal guidance System.
  • Expanding your Consciousness to receive fully direct from "Source" Creator as your birth right.
Module (8) 
Clear Fear of moving forward
  • Fear & Traumas from past lives
  • Fear & Traumas from present time line
  • Clear limiting beliefs systems
  • Upgrade physical time line to awaken and remember who you truly are.
  • Step with Grace & Ease into your Being and Mission to uncover, Embrace and remember your gifts and abilities being more Abundant & Joyous within your Life!!!

"Soul Re-Charge Mp3"
($200 Value)!!!
Due to the high integrity of Dawn's work, No refunds or exchanges on all Mp3's & Programs.
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