Do you feel like an invisible Force has been holding 
you Back in Life? 


You’re worthy for so much more than your life Currently Reflects?

If so…

World Recognized and Respected Sound Energy Healer Dawn Rahdianze Shantal Krystal can clear your signal. Your overall frequency – that is disconnecting you from your greater potential.

Dawn is a Gifted Sound Healer and a Pioneer of the Biofield Anatomy for over 30 years. Harmonizing and clearing distortions with her sound healing gifts.

Located about 10 inches out from your body, these areas hold the pain, struggles and passed along patterns, as well as the blessings of your ancestors-traits and talents which lie latent within you.

Clearing these areas allows the music of your DNA and your full potential to shine forth revealing the gifts that you inherited from your ancestors and freeing you from their issues and struggles which were never yours to carry.
Dawn has discovered that many of our personal challenges are actually their unresolved issues where traumas, fear, stress, depression, anxiety, issues of self-worth, lack of purpose, diminished health, or unfulfilled desires, hopes, and dreams.

The study of Epigenetics has found that we can actually hold the emotional, mental and physical Ancestral imprints of Seven Generations back while not all these imprints are harmful to our health and wellbeing, the ones that are may Sabotage us affecting our capacity to have meaningful relationships, access our talents and think with clarity.

What Science hasn’t shown us is how to get rid of all the baggage that we’ve inherited from our lineages so that we can access our true selves and live from this place of aligned self-authority.

This is where Sound Energy Healer Dawn Radianze Shantal Kryztal can help. Dawn has found a way to clear unhealthy imprints we’ve inherited that are covertly sabotaging our wellbeing and self-evolution by using precise frequency through sound healing. Healing your Ancestry forwards and backwards in all timelines.

Dawn will clear the Unhealthy aspects of them from our fields. Clearing toxic Ancestral Imprints through Sound Healing.

Dawn will help to release the Subconscious tension and patterns that linger within your bio-field from generations, allowing you to reclaim your health and reconnect to your greater potential.

Experience your DNA as flowing music instead of fixed Chemistry.

This Program was designed to help you improve your health and access your fullest potential by gaining greater Access to the “music” your Ancestors passed on to you Genetically and Energetically.

What People Say:

What a fantastic group call!! Definitely one of the more powerful one's I've been on! THANK YOU!!

Peace and blessings,
- Gina

Here is what you get in this 
Awesome program…

=Package A=


Tuning the Ancestral Zones of the Biofield to Lift Unhealthy
Inherited Patterns

  • This will elevate how you look and respond to the world
  • Clearing unhealthy patterns and rhythms that are affecting your health.
  • Dawn will sonically cleanse this lens so you can live your life more fully engaged
  • Dawn will clear the “Noise” out the signal creating unhealthy life experiences.
  • Clearing Negative Karmic Imprints


The Maternal Line (your mother & your mother’s Ancestors)

  • This will bring deep healing to you and your children
  • Clearing deep patterns of family dysfunction
  • Clearing any Negative Mothers Wombs you May be carrying.
  • Bringing deep healing to the Divine Feminine and the maternal line.
  • Clearing and healing the maternal line as it ripples forward and backward in time.


The Paternal Line (Your Father & Your Fathers Ancestors)

  • Right side of the body stored unhealthy patters. Stories, personalities from your father and your father’s side of the Family.
  • Clearing deep patterns of family dysfunction
  • Bringing Deep Healing to the Divine masculine and Bringing balance to Feminine and Masculine life force energies to support the balance and function for the rest of your lifetime.


Ancestral Miasms – The Distortions present in an Ancestor due to their passed down pattern of trauma that predisposes you toward illness.

  • Clearing All Negative “Noise” out of your signal creating harmony aligned to your original souls blue-print
  • Full DNA upgrade
  • Clearing depression, anxiety, co-dependency and other forms of addiction passed down to you.


Ancestral Trauma

  • Repattering and clearing all struggle
  • Clearing the Unconscious trauma from your biofield.
  • Healing Generational trauma & pain & fear
  • Break the pattern of the past and live a life of Freedom
  • Clearing all memories passed down to us that are not healthy
  • Ancestral deaths – clearing generational pain


Ancestral Scarcity (Abundance)

  • Clearing all lack and struggle passed down to you
  • Clearing Ancestral Financial Pain
  • Negative clearing on Ancestral Emotions of unworthiness, distress, lack, rejection in any way, guilt, shame passed on to you through generations.
  • Full DNA Upgrade.
  • Alignment to your Original Divine Blueprint.


Ancestral Blocks passed down to you

  • Clearing All Vows
  • Clearing All Contracts
  • Clearing All Agreements
  • Clearing All Obligations
  • Akastic Record Clearing
  • Clearing Everything that is limiting us or keeping us stuck.
  • Breaking All Negative patterns
  • Clearing Ancestral Fear
  • This will clear you and your Ancestors to experience this energetic shift and release and it will support your Ascension as well as theirs.


Bonus Group Call Replay
60 minutes on Zoom!!!

Deep Dive to Clear the Stubborn Ancestral (Miasms) Affecting your Health and Life Negatively.

  • Clear miasmatic allergies
  • Chronic fatigue
  • Cholera distortions
  • Fungus distortions
  • Leprosy Distortions
  • Psora distortions
  • Sycosis Distortions
  • Syphillum Distortions
  • Tubercolosis Distortions
  • Tetanus Distortions
  • Vaccination Distortions
  • Virus Sensitivity Distortions



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