A Deep Spiritual Upgrade

It's time to embrace life's endless possibilities. It's time to release uncertainty and embrace the power of your Authentic Self!!!

As the world moves through its chaos, confusion, conflict, extreme polarities and cognitive failures. There is also an energy that runs alongside it that we could call it the blessings, the miracles, the oneness, the grace, the higher dimensional light and sound of great change. Transformation and transmutation.

Have you noticed yourself feeling more alone, isolated from others and the world?
It is a great time to reflect and re-charge for the un-certain times ahead!

This activation package will super-charge your inner peace, inner confidence and inner happiness!

This custom designed package of Dawn’s Best Activation's for recharging your soul. These Activation's will wrap you in a warm cocoon of light and love and recharge your soul on the deepest levels.

Are you Experiencing?

  • Exhaustion
  • ​Tiredness
  • ​Fatigue
  • ​​Wipe-out
  • ​Insomnia
  • ​Restlessness
  • ​Feeling Stuck
  • ​Lack of Abundance
  • ​Headaches
  • ​​Digestive disorders
  • ​​Back pain
  • ​Brain Fog
  • ​​Fear
  • ​General uneasiness
  • ​Premature Aging
  • ​Weight Gain
  • ​Depression
  • ​Sadness
  • ​Low Energy
This Program is for Everyone!!!

=Package A=

Item 1:

Soul Recharge Activation

  • Rebirth your soul
  • ​Clear your busy mind
  • ​Upgrade and Activate your DNA
  • ​Flood your Body, Mind and Spirit with High Frequency Christ Creator Energy
  • ​Raise your vibration to your next level of consciousness
  • ​Clear your old stories and radiate at higher levels of being
  • ​Become In-Oneness with Christ Creator of all of Life.

Item 2:

Dark Night of the Soul Activation

  • Clear present moment issues facing you 
  • ​Get clear on solutions for your understanding, comprehension and enlightenment
  • ​Clear the veil of denseness
  • ​Journey through the “Eye of the Needle” with more Grace, Ease and Joy
  • ​Clear the unconscious resistance to change.
  • ​Get clear on your life path to see the light at the end of the tunnel.

Item 3:

Your Next Step

  • Open yourself and immerse yourself deep to Activate your next spiritual step in your evolutionary pathway towards wholeness and integrated sovereignty.
  • ​Clear off all heavy Denseness from you
  • ​Activate Remembrance of your Divine plan.

Item 4:

Compassion and Forgiveness Activation

  • A vibrational cleansing where we can bring peace and understanding to “that” which has held us prisoners in our own cave of darkness and despair.
  • ​Grow to have more patience with yourself and other around you.
  • ​Open to more acceptance of others and the world around you.
  • ​Learn to Forgive Everyone in your Life will Set- You-Free on a deep Soul level and also Heal Chronic Physical Conditions.

Item 5:

Trust and Miracles

  • Open your heart to receive more of your deepest desires 
  • ​Open, Allow and Receive with Ease, Joy and Grace
  • ​Connect with the Energy of (“All that is”) infinite abundance
  • ​Activate your Birth-right remembrance that you are All-That-Is from the Creator.

Item 6:

Journey into the Deep Peace Activation

  • Journey into the Deep Peace as the World moves through its Chaos, Confusion, Conflict, extreme polarities and cognitive failures.
  • ​Open to the Energy that runs alongside as we call it the blessings, the miracles, the oneness, the grace, the higher dimensional light and sound of great change, transformation and transmutation.

Item 7:

Belief and Trust Activation

  • Deep Dive into our psyche to uncover the roots of our buried knowingness that represents our “Trust in Self and in God” wisdom.
  • ​Clear away the illusion the dust and the dirt that has clouded our internal vision of who and what we are.
  • ​Experience the truth and fullness of our presence and the truth of our being-ness.
  • ​Live in the Magic of All of Life in Effortless Ease.

Item 8:

Evening Rebalance our Energetic and Physical Bodies

  • Rebalance and Clear your complete body systems 
  • ​Clear trapped emotions
  • ​Clear and Calm mind chatter
  • ​Calm nervous systems
  • ​Rebalance adrenal glands and nervous systems.
  • ​Over all Complete Rejuvenation to end your day in peace and bliss!



(A value of $500)

Free Bonus (Value $500 FREE!!)



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