Experience the Highest Divine Frequency to upgrade & Repair your Full System Beyond Quantum Transformation!

Do you suffer from any of the Following Symptoms:
  • Low Immunity
  • ​Loss of Breath
  • ​Heart Palpitations
  • ​Weakness
  • ​Arthritis
  • ​Heaviness
  • ​Low Energy
  • ​Low Stamina
  • ​Past Surgeries
  • ​Past Traumas
  • ​Lack of Energy
  • ​Irregular Heart Beat
  • ​High or Low Blood pressure 
  • ​Unexplained Weight gain 
  • High Cholesterol
  • ​Blocked Arteries
  • ​Stroke
  • ​Lack of Love
  • ​Angina
  • ​Depression
  • ​Emotional Issues
  • ​Lack of motivation
  • ​Low Sex Drive
  • ​Weight Issues
  • ​Pain issues
  • ​Dizziness
  • ​To name a few symptoms...
Dawn Rahdianze Shantal Krystal has over 25 years experience and has fine-tuned her methodology "Sacred Activations" and channels the Highest Healing frequency for healing the physical body and energy body. She aligns her clients to the Highest Power of the Divine Creator to clear Disease consciousness back to perfect health and balance aligning to your Original Divine Blue-print in a matter of just Moments!!!

All her work has led to the development of the Energetic Fitness Program!

With this incredible energy healing, her clients have received miraculous transformations in their Health in a matter of MINUTES!!!

UPGRADE and Rejuvenate your DNA with Beyond Quantum Powerful Healing Energy!

But are you also aware that beyond your activity levels that inherited DNA and Epigenetics and belief systems Affect the Health of your body. They play a significant Role on How Our body functions as we Age.

Using the highest level of Beyond Quantum Energy from the Divine Creator. Dawn can channel extremely powerful energy healing right to the deepest Root of your Health Concerns - Upgrading your DNA!

This quantum energy is so powerful that You’ll start feeling the healing in your body in just a few MINUTES!
Your DNA is upgraded and the cells begin to repair its damages and start reproducing genetic expressions of the VITAL LIFE FORCE ENERGY!

The more the cells in your body are healed with this ABOVE Quantum Energy…
… the more your Body will be rejuvenated back to your Divine Blueprint of perfect Health!!!
You will Literally come alive again when you tap into perfect Above Quantum Health!

With Dawns Energetic Fitness Program You’ll experience…

  • Greater Health & Vitality
  • ​Strong Healthy Organs
  • ​Stronger Body
  • ​All Body Systems Working at the highest
  • ​More Energy and Stamina
  • ​Arteries Flowing Freely
  • ​Better Circulation
  • ​Body Healing Faster High Speed
  • ​Shorter Recovery from Surgeries or illness
  • ​Less emotional issues
  • ​More Motivation
  • ​More Energized
  • ​More joy 
  • ​Better Body Image of weight 
  • More Love Flowing through your Heart
  • ​Balance of Cholesterol Level
  • ​Boosted Immune System
  • ​Perfect weight
  • ​More Endurance
  • ​More Energy throughout your day
  • ​Better Metabolism
  • ​Better Sleep
  • ​Less Pain
  • ​Better Cognition
  • ​More Sex Drive
  • ​And much, much more…

This program will help keep your body operating at the Highest Level at all stages of your life for the Rest of your Life!!!

Wake up and start your day with a “Spring-in-your-Step” to conquer All your Limitations and Belief systems that are holding you back from living the “Best Fulfilling Life Ever” aligned to your God Given Gift of perfect Health!!!

Here is what you get in this 
Awesome program…

=Package A=

ITEM 1: 

Mitochondria Balance

  • Optimizing Energy and Fatty Acids into the mitochondria Energy Conversion.
  • ​Repairs cell membranes
  • ​Repairs damaged mitochondria
  • ​Provides protection of Free Radicals


Increasing Oxygenation

  • Optimizing 37.2 trillion cells of your body
  • ​Reversing all Negative exposure
  • ​Increasing Circulation
  • ​Reversing Impaired metabolism of Fats
  • ​Clearing Blockages


Clean Body Internally

  • Toxins
  • ​Bacteria
  • ​Viruses
  • ​Parasites
  • ​Flukes


Clear Emotions & Depression

  • Clear Past Traumas
  • ​Clear Ancestral DNA imprints
  • ​Serotonin - Dopamine - Combo remedy to supply hormones to the system to the treat Depression.
  • ​Treating Bipolar Tendencies
  • ​Balance Introvert/Extrovert energies
  • ​Balance PMS, premenopausal and menopausal symptoms
  • ​Correcting Limbic System


Veins & Arteries

  • Strengthening All veins & arteries
  • ​Clearing Blockages
  • ​More flow throughout the Body of Blood
  • ​Blood pressure Stabilization 


Heart Stabilizer

  • Strengthen All Functions of the Heart
  • ​Strengthen pulmonary valve to the lungs
  • ​Strengthen tricuspid valve - clearing negative chemicals
  • ​Strengthen mitral valve - clearing bacteria causing chronic fatigue
  • ​Strengthen Aortic Valve - supplying blood to the Body
  • ​Healing Full Heart from past surgeries / trauma


Strengthening your Structure

  • Increase Endurance
  • ​Strengthening flexibility for the rest of your life
  • ​Increase Agility and speed at any age
  • ​Complete Body Agility Upgrade
  • ​Reversing the Age Structure of your body Back to Youth.


Metabolism Repair

  • Correcting Impaired Metabolism hereditary
  • ​Correcting any chromosomes impairing metabolism
  • ​Clearing Chronic Inflammation
  • ​Correcting major thyroid hormone for energy and metabolism stimulation
  • ​Perfect Balance for Under-working or over-working metabolism



Free Bonus (Value $500 FREE!!)

Immune Super Charger booster!

(Super-charge your immune system all Year long to Clear Viruses, 
Bacteria infection and, strengthen and restore 
your body in perfect balance & harmony.)

  • Recharge vital organs
  • ​Blood cleanse (Oxygenate against any infections or harmful bacteria).
  • ​Anti-viral healing (Respiratory, Coronavirus symptoms).
  • ​Anti-fugal healing ( Restore ph balance to the body).
  • Clearing up infections (Restore balance & harmony cellular).
  • ​Clearing up acute and chronic inflammatory conditions.
  • ​Pain relief (Clear muscle aches/pains).
  • ​Cellular level detox (getting rid of cellular waste).
  • Activate your divine blueprint for perfect health.
  • ​Lymphatic system boost & Cleanse.
  • ​Eliminate infection spread.
  • ​Raises your vibration so physical negative symptoms disappear.
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