Complete Brain Health 
Clearings & Activation's For Life!!!

Experience the highest Divine Frequency to upgrade & 
repair your brain beyond quantum for full brain Transformation!

This is what a Healthy brain & Un-Healthly Brain looks like

Do you suffer from any of the following symptoms?
  • Brain fog
  • Memory Loss
  • Confusion
  • ​Headaches
  • ​Sleepless
  • ​Mental and Physical Fatigue
  • ​Vision Issues
  • ​Loss of Balance
  • ​Difficulty Reading
  • ​Loss of Balance
  • ​Mental Illness
  • ​Mind Chatter
  • ​Pain
  • Spasms
  • ​ADHD
  • ​Balance Issues
  • ​Heart Issues
  • ​Difficulty Swallowing
  • ​Light Sensitivity
  • ​Overwhelm
  • ​Withdrawal
  • ​Trauma
  • ​Nausea
  • ​Tinnitus
  • ​Epstein Barr
  • ​Vulnerable to Bacteria, Viruses, Parasites
To Name a Few Symptoms…
Connect with your Original Divine Blue-print and Upgrade your 
DNA to transform your Brain Health RIGHT NOW!!!
Dawn Rahdianze Shantal Krystal, A Master Healer. Has healed all areas of the body and upgraded thousands of peoples Health Issues World-Wide for over 25 years. Dawn Created this powerful program…

Complete Brain Health Clearings 
& Activation's For Life!!!

Check this out…
This program also work on –
Dementia and Alzheimer’s disease.

Recently Scientists have highlighted the role that the (tau protein) plays in the onset of cognitive issues.
As we age abnormal (TAU PROTEINS) can form together into what are called (TAU TANGLES).

Scientists have found that these (TAU TANGLES) accumulate in the memory centers of the brain until enough (AMYLOID BRAIN PLAQUE) and reach a tipping point.

Scientists say that once that happens, the (TAU TANGLES) spread throughout the rest of the brain – wreaking havoc on your brain function, learning and memory!

What’s worse this dangerous brain plaque starts forming in your early 30’s!
So what can you do today to keep Brain plaque and tau tangles from running wild in your brain?

Discover Sound Energy Healing Downloaded in Dawns Recordings with God Frequency.

  • Clears out brain plaque and tau tangles
  • ​Helps the Brains immune cells function better
  • ​Learning and memory significantly improves
  • ​Repairs
  • ​Regenerates
  • ​Rewires for perfect health
  • ​Rebuilds
  • ​Reactivates

Here are some of the other Issues This Program Can Heal:

  • Concussions
  • ​Car Accidents
  • ​Stroke
  • ​Dementia
  • ​Sports injuries
  • ​Traumatic Brain Injuries
  • ​Brain Surgery
  • ​Toxic Exposure
  • ​Cell phone Brain Radiation
  • ​Drug Usage Damage
  • ​Alcoholism​
  • ​Smoking 
  • Stagnation
  • ​Whiplash
  • ​COVID Vaccine build-up
  • ​Hereditary Issues
  • ​Cerebral Hemorrhage

Read what some participants have to Say:

Thank you so much for this! It is my birthday today! I appreciate this gift!
- Bloomfield

This program is for everyone!!! 

Whether you have suffered Brain Trauma or are looking to keep your Brain Functioning at the Highest Level for the years to come… this program will help you with mental clarity. Strengthen Focus and memory, rejuvenating your brain for longevity and so much more! 

=Package A=


Super Brain Revitalizer

  • Reduce Brain Plaque & sludge
  • ​Enhance feelings of Bliss and Joy
  • ​Powerful Feelings of Oneness
  • ​Enhanced peace and stability
  • ​Stress Reduction
  • ​Increase Gamma Brain Waves
  • ​Increased Brain Protection
  • ​Clear Toxic Exposure (environment)
  • ​Clear Brain Toxins


Tau-Tangle Elimination

  • Better Cognition
  • ​Reverse Dementia Symptoms
  • ​Reverse Alzheimer’s Symptoms
  • ​Increase Gamma Waves
  • ​Boost Brains Immune Cells


Brain Wellness Spa

  • Increase Alpha Waves
  • ​Improve Creativity
  • ​Sharpen Critical Thinking Skills
  • ​Accomplish task faster and easier
  • ​Read, retain and recall information better
  • ​Reach potential at work or in School
  • ​Youthful mind alignment
  • ​Deep Brain Healing Restoration



  • Clear & Heal Brain Trauma (physical)
  • ​Clear & Heal Emotional Trauma
  • ​Clear Inherited Trauma
  • ​Clear Ancestral Epigenetic traits that are Negative
  • ​Clear and heal Concussions, Stroke, Sports injuries, Accidents, Cancer


Balance Both Brain Hemispheres

  • Includes Corpus Collusion
  • ​Clear the Cerebellum Refined Motor Skills
  • ​Clear & Balance the Endocrine Glands
  • ​Balance Full Brain & Upgrade
  • ​Boost Blood Flow
  • ​Strengthen Blood Vessels
  • ​Clears Radiation & harmful toxins & chemicals


Balance Brain Moods

  • Heal Depression
  • ​Clear Procrastination
  • ​Uplift the Spirit
  • ​Increase motivation to move forward
  • ​Align to your Souls Purpose
  • ​Stabilize moods
  • ​Deep Anxiety Root cause healing


Cranial Nerves

  • Boost All Cranial Nerves & Repair
  • ​Clear dead & dis-used cells
  • ​Clear inherited negative energy
  • ​Clear Any ancestral Epigenetic Negative Bonds
  • ​Clear Decalcification
  • ​Full Recalibration


Delta Sync Rejuvenator

  • Enhance the deepest states of Delta
  • ​Better memory storage
  • ​Enjoy deep, peaceful sleep
  • ​Clear the unconscious mind of old worn out baggage & programming
  • ​Align the subconscious to work with you not against your will
  • ​Wake-up feeling more rested & alive!
  • ​Complete Cellular Regeneration
  • ​Brighter eye sight 


(A value of $500)

Free Bonus (Value $500 FREE!!)

Kick – A – Habit 

 Clear Chemical Dependency (Drugs, Alcohol, Smoking) and More Habits...

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