Discover "Voice" Sound Healing to Heal Long-term Physical, Mental, Emotional & Spiritual Pain & Energy Blockages Fast!!!

Experience the Soothing Angelic Sounds Channeled through Dawn Crystal 's voice. Feel your body relax as all your Worries, Tension & Stress disappear...

The Source Sounds that are channeled through Dawn's voice bring your Body, Mind & Spirit together into a Complete Divine Vessel of the truth of your being.

Experience the Power of Sound Healing to Harmonize and Energize your Body, Mind, Heart and Soul.
Discover why Sound is the most powerful profound force which will allow you to resonate more deeply and effectively than ever before - Physically, energetically, and emotionally - and why Sacred Sound is the most powerful of all!

The power of Sound will align you with your highest energetic resonance, encoding a vibrant new spectrum of Health and Wellness!
  • As We Heal Ourselves, We Heal the Planet.
  • As We Heal the Planet, We Heal Ourselves!
  • As simple as putting on your head phones and listening and relaxing!
  • Set a positive intention before listening to each healing module!
  • Start to experience your Life change daily in a gradual, effortless & easy way!
  • Connect stronger to your Soul.
  • Ground in your Soul's Life-force Energy.

  • Relaxed
  • Balanced
  • Joyful
  • Healthier
  • Loved
  • Compassionate
  • Lighter 
  • Free
  • Connected to Source
  • Creativity
  • Passion
  • Connected to All Living things
  • Renewal 
  • Whole
  • Happy
  • Alive
  • Grounded to Earth
  • More Unlimited Abundance!!!
Here’s what’s included in the package
Package A
Module (1) 
Balance the Emotions & Hormones to 
perfect divine harmony.
  • Balance your Emotional Body to perfection
  • Balance your Hormones to perfection.
  • Remember "Peace" is your True Essence.
  • Let go of all your personal story not aligned to your Truth.
Module (2) 
Opening your Sacred Heart 
Space to Love.
  • Remove Fears
  • Remove Internal Blocks
  • Remove Un-Worthiness
  • Remove Heart-walls
  • Remove Traumas (past,present,Future) timelines.
Module (3) 
Feeling Infinite Unconditional 
  • Remove Sabotage
  • Remember your Truth
  • Remove your story in the way of receiving.
  • Open up to the Creator of all things.
Module (4) 
Attracting Infinite Love 
into your Life.
  • Aligning yourself to your true calling.
  • Remove all past Experiences.
  • Remove all Karma
  • Attracting your Soul-Mate
  • Strengthen and open your connection to Source the Creator.
Module (5) 
Opening up to the Infinate flow 
of Abundance of the Universe.
  • Clear belief systems past time-line
  • Clear belief systems present time-line
  • Clear all Blockages in the way.
  • Remembering your Birth-Right.
Module (6) 
Remembering your Infinate 
Birth Right as a Child of Source.
  • Heal old wombs
  • Clear your past story
  • Clear your present story.
  • Open yourself to pure Source "Love".
Module (7) 
Love your Life Here 
in the Now!!!
  • Clear past experiences & stories.
  • Update belief systems past to the present time-line.
  • Appreciate what is working in your life "Now"!
  • Ride the "Wave" of the Magic of the Universe!
  • Remember to Appreciate the simple things in "Life" which are meaningful.
Module (8) 
 Love Yourself Completely!!!
  • Release past traumas in the way.
  • Align yourself to know your worthy.
  • Clear belief systems in the way (past,present,future) time-lines
  • Remember your "Wholeness" and perfect just the way you are!!!
  • Allow Yourself to be Loved Completely by Others.
  • Love and Accept Yourself Exactly the Way you are!

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