Experience a ground breaking brand new way of Vibrationally Changing the health of your body.

Dawn Rahdianze Shantal Krystal founder of the Crystal Method Sound Energy Pain-Free Living Forever, has worked with clients in over 150 countries and have reported complete healing from chronic fatigue, depression, trauma, and every kind of physical illness in the body and more, even when nothing else worked!

Discover a Leading Cutting Edge Method of Healing, backed by Science that gets 100 times the healing results than other methods including Acupuncture!

Are you ready for a Massive and Instantaneous “BEYOND THE QUANTUM” Shifts?

Dawn Rahdianze Shantal Krystal has the ability to Access and Transmit powerful “God Creator” frequencies that create permanent Shifts at the level of the DNA.

Do you suffer from?
  • Digestion issues
  • Low Energy?
  • Overwhelmed
  • Stuck
  • Tired throughout your day
  • Irritable
  • Emotional
  • Sadness
  • Brain Fog
  • Memory Loss
  • Body Pain
  • Fatigue
  • Bloating
  • To name a few symptoms

Dawn has successfully worked with many people from all walks of life and with a host of problems including but not limited to:
  • Heavy metal detox
  • Yeast overgrowth
  • Fungus, parasites and inflammation to IBS;
  • ALS;
  • Neuropathy
  • Bladder conditions
  • Clear Lyme disease 
  • STD’s
  • Cleaning Plaque out of arteries
  • Spinal adjustments
  • Lymphatic/liver/gallbladder/spleen dumps and detoxes
  • Polyps and energetic colonies
  • All types of Body Pain
  • Fat Cell detoxes that are like a skin toning and rejuvenation
  • Dental Issues
  • Reproductive Issues
  • Money Issues
  • Spiritual Issues
  • All Body Pain
Dawn's gift is that she is like a living X-Ray Machine and she can talk to a person's Soul for information needed in the session and she can actually see blockages and clear them FAST!!!

Whatever is going on in your body that is causing disease or discomfort, she can find out the Real cause of the issue and clear and heal it immediately. What’s more, she will simply clear the energy blockage until the issue vanishes! Her work has been compared to being a Kin to Magic or even miraculous and her clients are enjoying pain free living from issues that had plagued them for sometimes decades!

Here’s what you get in this program:
Package A

Item (1) Total Body Cleanse 
This Mp3 addresses yeast, fungus, parasites, bacteria, viruses, chemicals, and heavy metals! The overgrowth of yeast or bacteria and the presence of these others can show up many ways. Such as fatigue and always feeling worn down because the body is constantly fighting them.
Many of the mysterious symptoms from such diagnoses as arthritis, chronic fatigue and fibromyalgia – I have found from thousands of sessions I have done – can be attributed to one of the items listed above more medications, and more chemicals such as fluoride. Many symptoms can be overcome if you do a total Body Cleanse!

Item (2) Inflammation Elimination
Inflammation is the body’s attempt at self-protection to start the healing process or an overactive immune system response (such as auto-immune disorders). Every disease starts with inflammation and chronic inflammation is present when any of the “big” diagnoses show up – cancers, colitis, crohns arthritis, MS or others. In early stages you may be experiencing pain in joints and muscles, swelling, digestive problems and arterial build-up – Time to Start Healing!

Item (3) Toxin Detox
Liver - Gallbladder – Spleen – Kidney Cleanse. The liver cleans the toxins from the blood. The spleen filters and recycles blood as a part of the immune system, and Kidney’s filter blood to create urine. All of the following can be signs of toxicity in the body because we are bombarded through our daily life: fatigue, muscle aches, joint pain, sinus congestion or excessive sinus problems, headaches, bloating gas, constipation, diarrhea, heart burn, sleep problems, water retention, trouble losing weight, rashes and skin problems such as eczema, psoriasis or acne, or menstrual disorder – Let’s get Healthy and Toss the Toxins!

Item (4) Colon–Clean–Up
Most people have pounds and pounds of rotting fecal matter in their colon, overgrowth of yeast and fungus, parasites, and toxin build-up causing chaos in their body. The body goes through autointoxication – the body slowly poisons itself it cannot rid itself of wastes!

Symptoms of colon build-up are as follows:
Perpetual cycle of colon dysfunction, constant illness due to vitamin deficiencies even if you take vitamins, acne, sores and rashes of the skin weakened tissues throughout the body due to toxic build-up. We also look at brain connections to the colon as well as any control issues or other (thoughts, feelings and emotions) tying up your digestive track!
Time to Dump It!

Item (5) Happy Hormones
Let’s get all of those hormones in the body working for you! Hormones are a lot more than the male/female hormones we all talk about. They are the messengers that deliver the marching orders to the entire body letting everyone know their jobs. This affects your metabolism, your sex drive, the way your body processes sugar, how well you handle stress, and how well your immune system handles even colds and flus. Time to get the signals straight and balance those Hormones!

Item (6) Mind-Detox
(Here by popular demand!) Are all thoughts, feelings and emotions stuck in the cells programming and cluttering your life??? They affect the body too; all that mind clutter and constant chatter that keep you from creating the life you really would like to create. What if what really creates any disease are those thoughts, feeling and emotions and significance we give them – Time to Defrag the Mind!

Item (7) Body Boost
(Here by popular demand!) Face lift, breast augmentation, butt lift, tummy tuck, vaginal/penal rejuvenation, skin tightening and toning – for a leaner more beautiful you! What if you could lose inches by listening to an mp3? What if you could feel more fit, toned and have more energy??? Begin to YOUTH your body in only 10 minutes a Day!

Item (8) Total Organ Tune-Up
Wow! Ever had your Organs tuned up like a fine cello ready for symphony?
That’s what this mp3 does! It releases stressors from the cells of the body, re-sets the communications systems of the body and re-boots the organs for optimal health!


($500 Value FREE!!!)
Energetic Spinal Alignment
Experience a Healthy Back & Posture in only 
Minutes per Day with Sound Energy Healing !!!
Due to the high integrity of Dawn's work, No refunds or exchanges on all Mp3's & Programs.
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