Experience a Ground Breaking Brand New Way of Vibrationally Changing the Look and Health of your body!

Discover a Leading Cutting-edge method of healing backed by Science that gets 100 times the healing results faster than other methods including Acupuncture!

Are you Ready for Massive and Instantaneous “Beyond Quantum” Shifts?

  • Eliminate Blocks in your body, mind, spirit for complete rejuvenation and youthening!
  • Strengthen your connection to the “Source” of all that is to receive these energetic shifts!
  • Align to Health, Wellness and total fitness at 100% Above Quantum level!
  • Unlock the Radiant “You” and illuminate your well-being through strengthening, restoration, and renewal from the inside-out!
  • Feel strong and experience inner harmony that is reflected throughout your physical expression?
  • Become a Magnet for your Wants, Needs and Desire! Let your Energy assist you in your Success!
  • Be Irresistible to others and opportunities. FLIP THE SWITCH and shift frequencies in your Body , Chi, & Aura!
  • Upgrade your Inner Radiance & Illuminate from the INSIDE-OUT!

Dawn Rahdianze Shantal Krystal over 30 years experience has fine-tuned her methodology and channels the highest Healing Frequency for working with the physical body and energy body. All her work has led to the development of this Awesome program!

With this incredible energy healing, her clients have received miraculous transformations on their Health and Beauty in a matter of MINUTES!!!

Upgrade and Rejuvenate Your DNA with Beyond Quantum Powerful Healing Energy!

But are you also aware that beyond your activity levels that inherited DNA and Epigenetics and belief systems affect the Health of your body. They play a significant Role on how our body and looks functions as we age.

Using the highest level of Beyond Quantum Energy from the Divine Creator. Dawn can channel extremely powerful energy healing right to the deepest root of your Health Concerns – Upgrading your DNA! Experience Rapid Cellular Rejuvenation!!!

This quantum energy is so powerful that you’ll start feeling the healing in your body in just a few MINUTES!

Your DNA is upgraded and the cells begin to repair its damages and start reproducing genetic expressions of the VITAL LIFE FORCE ENERGY!

The more the cells in your body are healed with this Above Quantum Energy…

… the more your body will be rejuvenated back to your Divine blueprint of perfect Health!!!

You will literally come alive again when you tap into perfect Above Quantum Health and RADIATE!!!

Experience Deep Healing and Rejuvenation at the Cellular Level and Unlock Your Ultimate Infinite Potential!!!

Experience Complete Body, mind and Spirit Rejuvenation Today!!!

What People Say:

Hey I just want to say I appreciate your work. I don't have pictures to show something happened to me my hands and lower arms started looking like a ninty year old. I did one on be sexy as well as I believe one on DNA I'm doing this one everyday. The inside of my arms filled back in loosing the wrinkles I believe someone put or did a chemical on my hands and arms .I had red what looked like a burn on my hands. There were areas small that wouldn't heal. The red has turned brown. The wound is healed . The wrinkles are slowly going away.
- Kellie

=Package A=


Mid-line Spinal Reset

  • Release heavy energies
  • Release Imprints
  • Past Traumas
  • Restrengthening


Feel Strong and Experience Inner Harmony

  • Eliminate Blocks in your mind
  • Spirit Harmony
  • Nervous System Reset
  • Clear Conscious, Sub-Conscious & Core Patterns


Strengthen Your Physical Expression

  • Strengthen all systems
  • Physical Structure
  • Muscle Strengthening
  • Physical structure strengthing
  • Clearing Blocks
  • HGH Activation
  • Lengthen Telemeres


Tissue Strengthening (Full-body)

  • Skin Strengthening (Full-body)
  • Body Lifting (Full-body)
  • Anti-aging & Regeneration
  • HGH Activation


Vascular Strengthening

  • Strengthen Blood Vessels
  • Strengthen Veins
  • Strengthen Capillaries
  • Varicose Vein Elimination
  • Spider Vein Elimination
  • Step into the frequency of intuitive body strengthening, strengthening your body to the beat of your heart!
  • HGH Activation


Facial Facia Reset

  • Strengthen the muscles in the Face.
  • Lift Depression out of cellular memory
  • Tighten skin youthening reset
  • Upgrade DNA and HGH
  • Increased natural collagen production strengthens skin firmness.


Skeletal Alignment Reset

  • Full Structure of all body Skeletal Body Components Aligned to the proper infinite alignment of all Bones in the body.
  • Full Spinal Alignment back to your original Divine Blue Print of perfection!
  • Reaching proper Body Health and Ultimate Potential!


Inner Radiance

  • Activate the light within to Grow and Shine
  • Strengthen your energy to be irresistible
  • Become a magnet for Loving Kindness
  • Attract the right people, the right opportunities and success in your Life!
  • Step into your highest frequency of your Infinite potential!
  • This mp3 activates your inner radiance and creates a beautiful energetic field around your being.
  • HGH Activation


A $500 Value FREE!!!


Eliminate Weight and Water 

Releasing Excess Accumulations!
Remove the blocks of holding on to excess weight and water 
And accumulated waste products diminish easily and effortless.

  • Clear old Acestral Programs of protection from starvation that create extra weight.
  • Activating your brain and hormone functions to the pituitary to release weight.
  • Strengthening your body to activate (HGH) to the peak of its performance (Human Growth Hormone)

Change Your Life For The Better Today!!!

Package A

Total Package Value $187

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