Receive your Birth-Right


Within each of us a memory of the gifts of being human - a seed that is often starving for nourishment among the many demands and expectations of modern living.

This seed holds not only our personal gifts and potential, but those of all the Ancestors of Humanity.

… And the collective potential we hold to reimagine our world through the shared needs, desires, and beauty of our true human design.

The Ancestors knew how to nurture the seed tapping into their wisdom, support, and blessings, we can now also access the blessings of being Human.

Growing and reaping the harvest of joy, meaning, and fulfillment from a Life-Well dreamed.

You’ll do just that in this spiritually enriching course with Dawn, as you receive Biofield Tunings that help you unearth the memories and records deep within your Ancestry and the collective that reveal the true inheritance of your humanity.

Dawn Rahdianze Shantal Krystal a pioneer of Biofield Science, sound energy high vibrational frequency, and electric health. Dawn has been working in this frequency in the Biofield Anatomy for nearly 30 years through Sound Energy Healing that works on Overall Health of the electromagnetic fields of the body.

… And harmonizes them using Sound Energy Healing Frequencies.

Dawn explains that we’re designed for harmony, beauty, and nobility - all of which can be fully experienced as we become more comfortable with and empowered by our Humanness.

This program will help you you Clear the Static in your Field - inherited imprints, patterns, judgements, obscurities, or heavy emotions - and ground in your humanity, openings to the revelatory insights of the Ancestors and the parts of yourself that are meant to grow from building upon the deeper journeys of their Lives.

  •  Receive the Blessings of the Ancestors through your human body to enjoy Life and Open up to more creativity and our bountiful planet has to offer you!
  •  Receive comprehensive Biofield Tunings to connect with the Ancestors and the Gifts and Blessings of your Ancestral Inheritance.
  •  Gain a deeper understanding of how gratitude for the smallest of things can provide the Greatest Riches.
  •  Start to feel a Soul-Felt connection to the Greater human family who came before you.
  •  Be empowered to tap into your own knowingness by accessing your true and innate Abilities.
  •  Enjoy a deeper and more satisfying connection with yourself, mother earth, the creator, and others in your Life!

Clearing your Biofield allows you to Access the place inside where your biological Ancestors are, you can connect with them and the Greater Ancestors of humanity to Receive their Gifts and support for Awakening and Activating your own!

This program will open you up to receive the Life-Affirming blessings of the Ancestors through Biofield Tunings to help you open to and Reclaim your Deeper Ancestral Inheritance!

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Purify Your Energetic Body to Create a Sacred Container for your Divine Birth-Right

In our Modern Culture we have been encouraged to dismiss the past, forget about our Ancestors and Tradition. Blocking us from the wisdom of those who came before us. Diminishing our true knowingness.

Dawn will give a group clearing and purifying your Energetic Signatures so that you can go deeper into the true blessings of being human. You will receive in this module:

  • The gift of life through your human body.
  • The gift of each other - including connecting to those who come before us.
  • Open up to Receive more support from our bountiful planet.
  • Opening ourselves to the Gift of Receiving more of Life’s fluid music and dance.
  • Opening up to greater gifts of creativity in our Lives.


Open & Allow Your Ancestral Inheritance to take Root in your Psyche & Help you become a Healthier Human.

Go deeper into receiving your gifts and take root in your psyche.

Start to receive a Healthy relationship with your body, the earth, food, each other, life, and the creator.

  • Receive a deep comprehensive Biofield tuning to plant and terminate within you the seeds of being a healthier human being on all levels.
  • Open up to a deeper understanding of how gratitude for the smallest things opens you up to the Greatest Riches.
  • Open up to a deeper experience of soul-felt connection to the human family who came before you to deepen your wisdom.


Nourish in the seeds of wholeness & connection to break-free from negative self-talk & fear.

Address and clear the challenges that arise as you travel along your wholeness to reclaim the gifts of your humanity.

Changing habits, tendencies, and embedded beliefs. Clearing the path that derails you from your wholeness and deep connection.

  • Clear, dissect, and banish unworthiness.
  • Clear your deep fears and of what others think.
  • Deepen you to your center and Living in the present moment.
  • Clear Ancestral “miasms” distortions that corrupt your Life and Health and relationships from moving forward with easier flow, joy and ease.


Reap the Harvest of Connection & Belonging to Live Life more Fully & Compassionately.

Receive the gifts that have been growing within you to be birthed. Opening to these Ancestral offerings and initiating you into a deeper relationship with life and your body. To acknowledge the deeper well of the human Experience that is yours to Tap into at any time.

This initiation is to allow you to experience that you are not alone, isolated little individual, but the continuation of what is meant to be human and deeper connection to your Ancestors.

  • Tap in more deeply into the vast field of information and truth that is yours to access as you begin to live your life fully from this expanded place within yourself, informed by the cosmos.
  • Feel deeply present knowing you are able to bring the sacred into everyday living.
  • Knowing every action, thought and word you create matters.
  • Enjoy a deeper and more satisfying connection with yourself, mother earth, the creator, and others in your life.


Harness The Energy & Potential of New Beginnings - Biofield Tuning

The changing of the seasons is a natural time to harness the energy of new potential. Welcoming new beginnings which includes deep cleaning, releasing old patterns, and processing endings. This cleansing the biofield creates space for new possibilities that can emerge as a result, while sonically supporting the sprouting of new expressions. What was once frozen is ready to be released for good. Imagine this session as the water, energy, love and feeding that is needed to nurture seeds in you that have been waiting to be Re-Birthed! POWERFUL!!!


Awaken the True Expression of Your Heart - Biofield Tuning

This biofield clearing audio, Dawn uses precise sound frequency to clear deep in the heart - our individual hearts, the heart of the human family, and the heart of the Universe. The invitation is to connect and feel the source electricity that makes your heart beat and supplies the pulse of life itself. This session promotes levity, syntropy, nourishment, and flow, illuminating the physical heart and the aetheric heart like a powerful but Loving warm hug!


Balance Your Masculine & Feminine Energies Biofield Tuning

This audio session, Dawn uses precise sound frequency to create a balance between masculine and feminine energies. This is to effectively and harmoniously align your feelings with your communication - within yourself and with others. Having unbalanced male and female energy within yourself and in relationships can lead to stress on many levels. This will help you achieve improved equilibrium and harmony between the two which will allow you to approach old conflicts in New Higher Vibrational Ways!


Ancestral Miasms – The Distortions present in an Ancestor due to their passed down pattern of trauma that predisposes you toward illness.

  • Clearing All Negative “Noise” out of your signal creating harmony aligned to your original souls blue-print
  • Full DNA upgrade
  • Clearing depression, anxiety, co-dependency and other forms of addiction passed down to you.


A $500 Value FREE!!!

Journey into the Deep Peace Activation

  • Journey into the Deep Peace as the World moves through its Chaos, Confusion, Conflict, extreme polarities and cognitive failures.
  • ​Open to the Energy that runs alongside as we call it the blessings, the miracles, the oneness, the grace, the higher dimensional light and sound of great change, transformation and transmutation.

Change Your Life For The Better Today!!!

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Total Package Value $187 

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